Biography of Charles M

Charles and the images


Since his earliest childhood, Charles has fostered an extraordinary passion for images, shapes and colors. Very early, he began to cut out photographs of animals, insects, plants, vehicles, objects of all kinds, found in piles of books that his parents put at his disposal. He builds phenomenal collections, arranges the carvings and realizes gigantic collages, which he then crumples in a ball and throws in the trash. He still continues his collections today, by  looking for his images on the web, printed and simply cut out.



Charles and painting


In August 2017, at a friend's home, he discovers a massivecollection of works of contemporary art. This fascinating discovery seems to act as the trigger for  an irrepressible desire to paint: he buys  brushes, inexpensive canvases and acrylic tubes. Once he is home, he decides to paint with a craze that never leaves him.



His approach


Charles chooses his subject twenty-four hours before painting it. It is usually a singular  object related to everyday life. He always announces his plans: "Tomorrow, I will paint houses", but gives no further explanation and no longer mentions it. Nothing allows one to determine the reasons behind his  themes.


He installs his equipment horizontally, on a kitchen table, on a work surface, or on the floor; then, free from any artistic culture, he invents his own line, his way of painting, his spontaneous ways with the brush, animated solely by the pleasure of making the object appear, its colors pure and frank, on the white surface that he particularly likes.


Often, the objects he paints (the raw form of which he draws from himself, from his memory, his own impulses, and not from a model)are made in pairs of different colors.